Hello, I’m Erick!

I’m from Rio de Janeiro, but I live in Rio Grande do Sul, I’m 36 years old, married to Allan and we adopted a cat, called Rio, a year ago : ) My CVs, both academic and professional, are very diversified, as a result of always being willing to learn a lot but also taking advantage of the opportunities that appeared.

I`m a Telecommunications Technician (CEFET), I have a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a teaching degree in Biological Sciences (UERJ); I`m also specialized in Project Management (UFRJ). I was studying in the 6th semester of International Relations at UFRJ when I had to pause it to move to the south of the country.

I worked for 15 years in multinational telecommunications companies, gradually migrating from the technical to the project management area until I decided to change the sector and since 2016 I work at Souza Cruz, as product and project manager.

Throughout my career I had to learn how to take a stand to reconcile the fact of being openly Gay and not let it affect my professional growth. Soon I will continue my journey on a job transfer to Mexico but I`ll always be willing to help, connected virtually.