Felipe Ayres


Hi, I’m Felipe Ayres!

I have been working for just over 10 years, mainly in Human Resources and, at that time, I had work experiences both in multinational companies and in Brazilian companies and I was able to experience some enriching international professional opportunities.

Currently, I am a Coordinator at Human and Organizational Development at an electric energy concession and distribution company, located in Rio de Janeiro. More specifically, in my day-to-day work with employee experience, performance management, diversity and inclusion, culture and leadership, among other topics. In addition, I am part of the volunteer team of the Brazilian Human Resources Association – RJ.

In my professional life, I always have tried to openly position myself as LGBT + because I believe that, in this way, we are able to contribute to the construction of a more egalitarian business world. It was not always easy, but in all the experiences I had, I acquired some great learnings that I am willing to share.

I am available for Mentoring sessions in the following languages: Portuguese and English.

Contact me through my Linkedin and let’s talk!