Héctor Solís

Héctor Solís

Hi, My name is Héctor Solís!

With more than 7 years of experience in Global Supply Chain and more than 11 years of experience in Management of Corporate Programs of Regional and Global Human Resources in Mexico and globally.

Global Project/Program Management towards digital transformation is my field of expertise.

I am convinced TODAY more than EVER that companies are on the right track in developing diverse and inclusive policies and programs, where the LGBT + community is heard, valued and respected. By telling my story of inclusion and respect in the organization and being visible as a Gay and Hispanic professional I can have the opportunity to support people in the community and empower them to dare and be disruptive in the organization, at their own pace and be visible thus continue fostering and promoting a culture of respect and inclusion as well as encouraging allies around the globe to follow and sustain to believe in it.

I am unique, I am Me, I am a Global Leader and LGBT + Mentor

You can contact me on LinkedIn for mentoring sessions in Spanish and English, let’s manage the change!