Mônica Gonçalves

Mônica Gonçalves

My name is Monica Gonçalves, I’m 27 years old and currently live in the city of Nova Santa Rita in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. I have a degree in Human Resources Management and have been working in the HR area for over five years.

I’m an enthusiast when it comes to people development! Helping others in their professional and personal development is very rewarding and is what makes my eye shine. I believe that we can only do our best in what we really believe in and that makes sense for our lives, otherwise it is not worth spending energy.

I love to travel! Meeting different people, cultures and places is what I realize is most valuable in this life, as it enriches us as human beings. I also like a good story. In all ways. Stories of people, places, being told or in the form of books, films and series.

I really hope I can contribute in some way to this project and also learn, in a way that we can all add up!

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