Hey, I’m Cyril!

If you need, see my profile in French.

I’ve been working for the Nestlé Swiss Recruitment team since 2016. Before that, I was working for a small company in Lausanne, managing the administrative aspects of the company, and before, I was a commercial apprentice for the CFF SBB FFS.

My main area of expertise is Talent Acquisition in Switzerland.

When I was young, I struggled a lot with my identity, growing up in a small rural Swiss village, LGBTQ+ were not really represented with the best light. It took me a long time to finally accept who I was and to be honest with my family/friends and – most important – with myself.

I am happy talking about my experience and give advice to people not ready to be themselves at the work place.

I am available for Mentoring sessions in French or English.

Get in touch with me through my LinkedIn and let’s talk!