Who we are

We have a team of more than 20 professionals from different areas and seniors who seek to make a difference for our community. We are executives and executives from small or large companies, entrepreneurs and innovators. We are LGBTQIA + leaders who want to take the place that, with so much effort, we strive to win in society.

Our story begins in COVID’s pandemic times19. Our founder, Guilherme Neves, presented his trajectory as an LGBT professional and executive in the Human Resources area of ​​a large multinational on an Instagram LIVE. Such an event aroused interest and curiosity in other professionals who approached him asking for support and advice for their careers. Ready! Out of necessity, the portal was created in July 2020 and soon many incredible people would join Guilherme to offer professional mentoring in his areas of expertise.

Our values

Based on respect and dialogue, we believe that a collaborative and educational posture is capable of influencing and transforming behaviors. We respect the most disruptive activism and understand its importance and role for our social advances, however, to conquer spaces that are still not explored by the LGBT community (such as the corporate universe), we need to dialogue in an open, inclusive and educational way.

Our objectives

The LGBT Mentoring Portal has two central objectives:

  1. Helping to leverage the career of LGBTQIA + people in their professional areas, through the free mentoring process offered by our highly qualified team;
  2. Amplify the voices and provide visibility to the LGBT movement, especially in the corporate environment, where there isn’t enough LGBT representation. We believe that ordinary people who achieve professional success are important allies in creating the image and representativeness for our entire community.